Boron Trifluoride

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General Characteristics Health Hazards Material Recommendations
A colorless, nonflammable gas which is broken down by water to hydrogen fluoride and boric acid. Penetrating odor. Very Toxic. Attacks eyes and mucous membranes. Causes Lung Damage. Call physician Use copper, stainless steel, monel and hastelloy.
TLV-TWA Flammable Limits DOT Class / Label
1 ppm Nonflammable 2.3 / Poison Gas
Molecular Weight Specific Gravity Specific Volume
67.8 2.387 @ 70 F 5.7 cu.ft./lb @ 70 F
CGA Valve Outlet CAS Registry No. UN Number
330 7637-07-2 1008
National Stock Number (NSN) Applicable to Boron Trifluoride MIL Specs/ Fed Specs
MSDS for Boron Trifluoride

Part #
Purity Minimum Cylinder
@ 70 F
Chemically Pure
99.5% Min. 007 10 1600


Uses: Boron Trifluoride is a highly toxic, colorless gas which fumes in moist air. Boron Trifluoride is used extensively as a catalyst in such diverse operations as isomerization, alkylation, polymerization, esterfication, condensation, cyclization, hydration dehydration, sulfonation, desulfurization nitration, halogenation oxidation and acylation.