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General Characteristics Health Hazards Material Recommendations
A colorless, flammable gas with an odor similar to garlic Very poisonous; 250 ppm can be fatal. Causes headache, vomiting with symptoms delayed more than a day. Call physician Normal materials can be used. Safety precaution to use acid proof steel vessels.
TLV-TWA Flammable Limits DOT Class / Label
0.05 ppm 4 - 64% 2.3 / Poison Gas
Molecular Weight Specific Gravity Specific Volume
77.95 2.69 @ 70 F 5.0 cu.ft./lb @ 70 F
CGA Valve Outlet CAS Registry No. UN Number
350 7784-42-1 2188
National Stock Number (NSN) Applicable to Arsine MIL Specs/ Fed Specs
MSDS for Arsine

Part #
Purity Minimum Cylinder
@ 70 F
99.9995% 003 1.0 205


Uses: Arsine is a toxic, colorless gas with a garlic-like odor at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Arisine is used in doping gas mixtures for the preparation of semiconductor materials containing a controlled amount of significant impurities.

Chemically, the substance is dichloro(2-chlorovinyl)arsine, a liquid whose vapour is highly toxic when inhaled or when in direct contact with the skin. It blisters the skin and irritates the lungs. Any part of the body that is contacted by the liquid or vapour suffers inflammation, burns, and tissue destruction. Lewisite was developed in retaliation for German gas attacks during World War I, but was never actually used. It was in the process of manufacture when the armistice was signed.